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                                    STRINGS OF LIFE MEMOIRS

The Pentecostal String Band                                         

During the 1950’s southern gospel music was on the rise in rural southern states. Its blend of country, bluegrass, and traditional hymns was inundating the AM radio stations, local church singings, and the hearts of its blue collar listeners. Much of this genre of music was produced by self-taught musicians, working men and women who had a desire to spread the gospel with song. The adventures and exploits of a southern gospel band relate much about the culture, religion, and way of life in rural communities of South Carolina history.

The Strings of Life Memoirs The Pentecostal String Band tells the story of one such band in rural South Carolina. The band was composed of four men all employees of a textile mill and two daughters of one. During the decade of 1950 this group of troubadours traveled throughout the Carolinas and Georgia performing at local churches and singings. They had their own radio program, television appearances, and live performances. The stories of the four remaining original band members weave a blended memoir of their lives, culture, faith, and exploits as a southern gospel band. Their stories reveal the foundation of Christian faith that motivated them to tell the good news with music. It includes related stories and direct quotes from the band members as well as personal photographs from the era.   

Strings of Life Memoirs is available on line at or Barnes & Noble online. It is also available as an e-book for your Kindle. Hope you enjoy! Thanks, Donald.

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