When we left The Next Day, I became aware that I may have left some of my readers, especially those who have not yet chose to believe in Christ and even some believers, with a question or two. In the text I did place a strong emphasis on a Christians’ hope in the Resurrection. This truth gives us the assurance of our own life after death with Christ in Heaven. That truth alone gives us great peace and hope in Him. We are comforted in the knowledge of where we will spend eternity in God’s presence. Our future is secure because Jesus was raised from the dead!

I finished by text with a statement that implied Christians embrace the next day without fear, with love, forgiveness, and joy. This statement is true and within this statement lies the question for many.Some will ask, so Christian, your faith in Christ secures your Heavenly future after death. They will accept your hope in that truth. But what about the next day here on earth? How can you have no fear of the next days’ woes, or how can you embrace the next day with love, forgiveness, and especially joy in our troubled times? Those are valid questions. Our hope in Christ is especially grounded in eternal life with Him, but we also have this remarkable hope and joy in the next day while we are here on earth. There are numerous scriptures which support our hope and joy in this next day, but allow me to introduce you to just one.

The next day as a Christian or not on this earth is not guaranteed to be easy, without strife or calamity, and certainly not just the way we want it to be. We can’t have it our way all the time. In light of that observation how in the world can we live the next day with hope and joy! And don’t forget the fear of what might be!

To be a disciple/believer in Christ, He says “Follow me.” Psalm 23 tells us He is our shepherd, our leader. He leads us to green pastures, still waters, down paths of righteousness, and yes even through the valleys of death. He tells us to fear no evil. We are known as followers of Christ. We are instructed to model our next days after Him. By following Jesus we have our hope in eternity. But did you know as a follower of Christ someone’s following you, well actually two entities.

How in this worlds’ next day can I as a believer in Christ have hope and joy amist all the troubles? I have two guys ( forgive the personification) following me every where I go for the rest of my life! Psalm 23:6, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” NKJV  That’s where our joy and hope come from every next day. I/We can’t go anywhere on this earth, any day without these guys following us around. Goodness and Mercy, what a swell couple to have following you around. Even in the hard or troubled times these two make sure I am covered. I have no reason to fear, Goodness and Mercy got my back. I can have joy, real joy every day, they never leave me.

Keep these two in mind as you prepare for the next day. If you are following Christ, He assures you that He has them following you. He also said you may live in His house forever when the next day is the last. If you are not a believer, who is following you? Think about it.


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