Easter Sunday, a favorite day for almost everyone. I know it is one of my special days of the year. Although the specific date on the calender may vary from year to year, Easter usually signals the arrival of spring time. The bitter cold temperatures begin to meld into warmer days. The appearance of green grass sprouts and budding trees along with a few flower blooms all appear at Easter time. The daily sunshine amounts seem to expand exponently, with it our outlook on the days ahead.

Easter Sunday brings the Easter Bunny. In our secular world, the arrival of Easter has become one of the top Holidays celebrated throughout our nation. Chocolate bunnies, marshmellow eggs, and of course we can’t forget the Peeps and jelly beans! Easter baskets are filled with toys and candy on the arrival of Easter morning. There are egg hunts, egg rolls, and egg drops held throughout the town not just at the churches. Then the fashion shows begin. The ladies dressed in their finest spring attrire, some donning a lovely Easter bonnet. The guys in their new Easter suit, or at minimum the new pastal shirt and tie. The children smartly dressed in cute spring dresses or little bow ties for the lads. Then my favorite, the Easter banquet is presented. A table full of delicious favorites served around the table for the family gathering. Or perhaps the special buffets offered at our favorite eateries with special friends.

For Christians, Easter Sunday is even more wonderful. There are all the things mentioned before which we all enjoy with the rest of the world. But we have even a more spectacular occurence  to celebrate and rejoice, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who was crucified, died , buried, and on the third day arose. He is Risen, He is alive, and because He rose from the dead, we who believe in Him shall rise from the dead also. For a believer this day is the most remarkable day of the year to celebrate. All we believe and hold dear as truth is centered around the events of this day. Jesus death for our sins, and His resurrection to mark our forgiveness, secures our hope in this life and the next with Him in heaven. What a reason to celebrate! Easter Sunday brings out the gladness of heart and just pure joy for those who have called upon His name for salvation.

Well, its the next day. I did eat the big feast, wore some pastel colors, fellowshipped with dear friends, sang praise and worshipped to God and my Risen Lord at our church, I didn’t have too many chocolate eggs, but I celebrated Easter! I celebrated the special day and the Holiday as a Christian and a living member of this world. It’s the next day.

If you are not a Christian, it’s just the next day. I suppose as you return to your weekly routine you can begin to look forward to Memorial Day for the upcoming holiday. If you are a Christian, it’s still the next day. I warrant the most of us return to our weekly routine along with the rest of the world. Scriptures say that is not so uncommon as found in John 21:3 (AMP).  ”Simon Peter said to them, I am going fishing!” By the way it was his occupation not recreational sport. “They said to him, And we are coming with you!”

Peter returned to his routine, at least initialy, until given a new occupation by Jesus. I would believe that Christ would also have us return to our given occupation, routine, unless otherwise enlightened by His Holy Spirit. It’s the next day and we move forward, but we do so carrying the encouragement and hope renewed in our hearts each Easter Sunday. We embrace the next day without fear, with love and forgiveness for our brother, and with joy given by Jesus that can not be taken away. And we do so the next day also, and the next day.

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